blueprints, pencil and rulerLet’s talk about PRELIMINARY construction budgets. Every client wants one, and they want one before they do anything else regarding their potential construction project. What does that mean? That usually means that a general contractor is asked to tell a client how much their project is going to cost based on a conversation or a stick drawing on a napkin. Though we general contractors are very knowledgeable about construction, we’re not magicians. So here are a few things to keep in mind when you’re discussing preliminary budgets.

When you’re discussing your project with the contractor, please provide as much detail as possible – preferably have a space plan or a preliminary drawing provided by an architect. This information can greatly assist the contractor in providing more accurate preliminary budgets. If you don’t want to spend the money to get a space plan or a preliminary drawing from an architect, then spending time with the GC to detail your project intentions is the next best thing. And, if the project you’re planning for is a space in an existing building, a site visit to that space will also be helpful. If you’re planning for a ground-up project, the preliminary budget process is certainly more complicated, and we would recommend that all the professionals required for your project be involved with the process. From the realtor to the land planner, from the engineers (mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and structural) to the architects, and of course the contractor – they all play an important role in assisting you with determining the potential costs regarding your project.

To sum it up, a preliminary budget is as good as the information given to the contractor. Admittedly, the contractor’s knowledge and their historical construction data is also extremely important to getting a strong preliminary budget. So, be sure to work with a firm that has experience, good relations with subcontractors, and a good reputation within your community. Simply put – work with Schumacher Companies. Call 561-398-0364.