Apply Value Engineering:

people seated around a table looking at plansSo many owners think that the best way to work with a contractor is to provide them a set of drawings and then ‘pit’ 3 or more general contractors against each other to bid on the project. That’s called “hard bidding” or the “design/bid/build” method. In some arenas, like public projects – projects that are for the government or schools, etc. – the design/bid/build method is required. If, however, the construction project is a private job, then it’s typically more economical to develop a relationship with your contractor, engaging them early, to be a part of your team.

Your contractor can work with you and your architect to be sure that the project is designed within your budget, as well as designed to meet your end-use needs. During this pre-construction timeframe, the contractor can apply value-engineering criteria to your project. They’ll analyze the architectural intentions to determine if the most cost-
effective means and methods are applied, while maintaining or improving the construction outcome.

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